Google Chrome has a hidden experimental feature which can improve your performance. This experimental feature is called Chrome flags.
This features works on all versions of Chrome and you can use these features on Android, PC and also mac.
To access Chrome flags, type Chrome://flangs/ in the Chrome address bar and hit enter. You will see a list of flags.

NOTE: These features are experimental so these features are not stable.

10 Best Chrome Flags

1. Enable Picture in Picture Mode:

This feature allows you to watch videos in picture in picture mode on your chrome browser. It doesn’t work perfectly on all devices. This feature is available only in pc.
To enable Search “Enable Picture in Picture” and enable it. After enabling this feature, restart your chrome. Right-click to your your your youtube video and select “picture in picture” From the context menu.

2. Automatic Tab Discarding:

this flag reduces the memory footprint of chrome without close tabs. If you enable this flag, Chrome will automatically discard your background tabs.
To enable this, search for “Enable Tab Discarding” and enable it.

3. Increase Download Speed:

If you enable this flag, this will speed up your downloads. This flag opens several connections to download the same file and increase your download speed. This is similar to torrent.
To turn on this function search for “Parallel Downloading” and enable it.

4. Enable Accessibility Tab Switcher:

This is a very handy feature. If you use a lot of pages in chrome, this feature helps you switch between pages quickly.
Search “Enable Accessibility Tab Switcher” and enable it. after enabling restart your Chrome browser and start using this feature.

5. Enable Horizontal Tab Switcher:

This is also a very handy feature. This feature is similar to android pie recent menu. Swiping up and swiping down will close the tab.
Go to chrome://flags/ and search “Enable Horizontal Tab Switcher” and enable it.

6. Chrome Duet:

This feature is to use your phone with one hand. The home button is down along with your tab and menu button. This feature is pretty handy for users using only one hand.
Go to chrome://flags/¬†and search “Chrome Duet” and enable it.

7. Enable Change download Location:

You can change your download location to enable this. You can choose the download path after enabling this flag.
Search for ” Enable Downloads location Change” and enable it.

8. Increase Security with Site Isolation:

This flag is a high experimental security mode. You can enable this flag to increase your security in the Chrome web browser.
Search for “Strict Site Isolation” and enable it.

9. Enable password Generator:

This is a very handy feature that helps you generate passwords. If you enable this flag, Chrome will automatically generate a strong password for you when you sign-up on any website. to enable it to search “enable password Generation”.

10. Enable Smooth Scrolling:

When you scroll in chrome using your mouse, There is a little suffering in animation. In this option, you will feel smooth scrolling in chrome.
Search for “Smooth Scrolling” and enable it.


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