We all use Google search engine. Google is the most powerful search engine. It has some hidden tricks you can use.
I have Covered some google search tricks that will change your search experience

10 cool google search tricks

1. Google in 1998:

Do you want to see what Google look like in 1998? you have to do a search for “Google in 1998“.You can see what Google look like in 1998

2.Google Sky:

You can explore the universe using google sky. You can see the Solar system, planets, galaxies via Google sky.

3. Google Gravity:

Go to google.com and type in the search box “google gravity” and click “I’m Feeling Lucky”. you will be redirected to the project “Google gravity” and see how gravity works on Google. You can even search for anything on this page.


4. Google Mirror:

Google mirror is a rotated version of Google. search for elgoog.im and you can see the rotated version of Google.

5. Blink HTML:

Search for “blink HTML” and you can see the HTML and “<blink>” are blinking.

6. Atari Breakout:

Search for “Atari Breakout” on Google and Start the game going to the Google images. You will be given five balls at the beginning.

8.Zerg Rush:

Search for “Zerg Rush” in Google and ready to protect your search results from ‘O’ of Google. It slowly eats your whole search results. Click them to protect your search results.

9.Dinosaur Game:

You can play this game on Google offline.go to Google and search for anything offline. To start the game press “space”.

10. Flip A Coin:

Search for “Flip A Coin“.This feature helps you to flip a coin. Go and try it.


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