If you are searching for a messaging app like WhatsApp, then Telegram is best for you. Telegram has some advanced feature that you should know.
Telegram has some hidden features that normal user don’t know anything about this.
Here some cool Telegram tricks

10 Cool Telegram Tricks

1. Lock Your Chat:

Telegram gives you the option to hide and encrypt your chat. You can create a secret chat that uses end-to-end encryption. If you are conscious about your security, This is a perfect feature for you. After enabling this, you will able to lock and unlock your chat by tapping on the lock icon at the top right.
To lock chat go to Setting > Privacy and Security > Passcode Lock and enable it.

lock chat

2. Night Mode:

Telegram has a night mode. Enabling night mode can save your battery and same your eye from blue light. When you turn the night mode on the app will automatically switch to the dark mode.
To enable this, go to setting > Theme and Chats > Choose night black or you can enable it by open menu from the chat and choose night mode.

night mode

3. Use Multiple Account:

Do you know you can use multiple accounts on telegram. Telegram allows you to use multiple accounts.
To add multiple accounts, open menu > click the arrow and add your account.



4. Customize Your Telegram:

You can create and install your custom theme on Telegram.
To custom your theme, go to Setting > Theme and chats > create a new theme, add your theme name then tap OK and you can paint it.


5. Mute contacts:

If you joined too many groups and channels you can mute them without leaving them. You can also mute your contacts that annoys you by sending spam messages.
To enable this, open a chat and tap the three dots and mute notifications for one hour, eight hours or mute forever.

6. Change Phone Number:

You can easily change your phone number on telegram without losing previous chats. If you will change your telegram number, your message will be moved to the new number.
To change phone number without losing data, go to setting > tap on hone number and choose Change number.

change phone number

7. Customize Chat Backgrounds:

Telegram allows you to customize your chat background.
To change the chat background, open Setting > Theme and Chats > Wallpaper and choose your wallpaper.


8. Upload Multiple Profile Pictures:

Telegram also allows you to upload multiple profile picture. You can upload the second photo without removing the first one.
To upload multiple profile pictures, go to setting app > tap on the camera icon > upload your first photo. Similarly, go to setting and tap on the camera icon and upload your second photo.


9. Proxy Server:

Telegram allows you to use a proxy server. If your country banned telegram, you can use telegram by using this option.
To use this, go to setting > Data and Storage > Proxy and add a proxy.


10. Share Live Location:

Like WhatsApp, you can share live location in telegram. this is a very useful feature. To share your location with your contact, open chat and tap on the attachment button and tap on the location. Then choose to share live location and select the time limit.

live locatiom



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