If you are looking for Some cool WhatsApp tips and tricks then this article is for you. Whatsapp is the most popular instant massaging app worldwide.
I have listed some cool WhatsApp tips and tricks you should use.

1. Share live location:

WhatsApp has an option that you able to share your live location which allows your contact to see your live location so they can track you. you can Broadcast your location to your contact for a choice of 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours.
To share your live location go to
On Android, open a specific Chat or Group > Tap on attach > Location > Share Live Location > Select Duration > Send
On IOS, open a specific Chat > Tap “+” Button > Location > Share Location > Select Duration > Send

live location

2. Hide Blue Ticks:

You can stop your contact from knowing that you have read his message. If you hide blue tick or disable read Receipts your contact can’t see When you have read their message and you also can’t see when your contact has read your message.
To hide your bluetick open Setting > Account > Privacy And untick “Read Receipts”

read receipts

3. Bold, Italic or Strikethrough:

You can write Bold, Italic or Strikethrough message on WhatsApp
If you want to send a message in Bold, use star on both sides of your message *Your Message*
If you want to send a message in Italic, use underscores on both sides of your _message_
If you want to send a message in strikethrough, use twiddles on both sides of your ~message~

4. Hide a Chat:

Whatsapp archive Allows you to hide your conversation From your chats.
To archive or hide a chat, press and hold your chat > menu > Archive chat
Your archived chat will appear when you receive a new message from that conservation.

5. WhatsApp Web:

You can use your WhatsApp on your pc. This is one of the best features.
To open WhatsApp on your pc, open a browser and go to web.whatsapp.com. This website displays a QR code. Then open your WhatsApp on your Phone and tap Manu > Select WhatsApp Web and Scan the website’s QR code

whatsapp web

6. Sanding Group Message without making a group:

You can broadcast your message Without creating a WhatsApp group.
to do this, go to Chat > Manu > New Broadcast. Then select contacts.

7.Bubble Message:

If you want to small bubble message in the background like facebook messenger, download “Whatsbubble” app from play store.

8. Stop Auto-Download:

There is a way to stop auto download images, videos or documents.
To get this, Setting > Data and Storage usage > When using mobile date > Uncheck all box
If you have a wifi connection then, Setting > Data and Storage Usage > When connected on WI-Fi > uncheck all box

auto download

9.Request Account Info:

WhatsApp allows you to request your account information.
To request your account information, go to Setting > Account > Request account info > Request report.
It takes between 2-3 days to get reports.

request account info

10. Two-Step Verification:

You can enable two-step verification on WhatsApp. Its provide Extra layer of security. Enabling two-step verification means Noone can access your WhatsApp on a new phone without put Two-step verification code.
To enable it, go to Setting > Account > Two-step verification. Then enter 6 digit pin and your email address.

two-step verification


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