Google chrome is the most used web browser and Chrome browser have so many extensions available in the chrome web store
Here some chrome extensions.

10 Best Chrome Extensions of 2019

1. Grammarly:

Grammarly is one of the best Google chrome extension. You can use it for spell checking, grammar corrections. if you are a blogger or a content writer this will help you a lot. Grammarly will explore your spellings and grammar mistakes and fix them for you

2. Password Checkup:

Google password checkup help you re-secure your account that was affected by data breaches. Google password checkup will automatically check whether your passwords have been leaked in data breaches. If your password was affected by data breaches when you log in with this password you will receive an alert.

3. Keywords Everywhere-Keyword Tool:

This extension is very useful for bloggers. Keyword Everywhere is an SEO keyword research tool. This extension shows you keyword research volume and cost per click data.

4. Google Translate:

Google translate extension is a very useful hassle-free tool. Instant of opening a new tab you can translate words on the same page without any hassle.

5. Google Dictionary:

Google dictionary helps you find the definition of an unfamiliar word. Instant opening a new tab to find the definition you can check the definition of words.

6. AdBlock:

AdBlock is one of the most popular chrome extension. If you want to block annoying ads then this extension is for you

7. Bitly:

This is a URL shortener helps you a lot to shorten your big URL.

8. Night mode:

This is very useful for those people who use the internet at night

9. Https Everywhere:

Https Everywhere is chrome extension that encrypts your connections with websites. Https Everywhere rewrite requests to unencrypted sites to HTTPS.

10. Honey:

Honey is the best chrome extension for your customer. Its works with shopping sites. This extension helps you apply coupons and discount codes to your online order during checkout.


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