There are many gadgets you can buy under 500 Rs. I made a list of gadget under 500 Rs

Note: prices may fluctuate

1. USB Charger And Power Detector:

It is a really useful gadget. You can charge your devices and detect your charging voltage. The USB Charger and power detector come with a USB 2.0 port and a USB Female 2.0 port.
Voltage: 4V-20V
Current: 0-3A
Battery Capacity:0-99999mah
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usb power detector

2. Engraving Pen Tool:

If you can write anything on any surface this gadget is for you. You can write your name in breach, chair or a board.
Required 2x AA batteries
Price:200 Rs
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engraving pen

3. Cable Protector:

Here’s a simple solution for your tangled cables. You can attach this cable protector on your desk and keep your wires in place.
Price:349 Rs
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cable protector

4. Coffee Mixing Cup:

Coffee mixing cup is perfect for a lazy coffee lover. You can mix your drink in this cup.
Price: 399 Rs
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coffee mixing mug

5. LCD Projector Clock:

This clock is a perfect clock for a bedside table. This alarm clock will project the time on your wall, ceiling
Price: 429 Rs
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led projector clock

6. Travel Alarm Clock LED Torch:

This clock has multiple features. The clock also has an LED light and build in Lanyard. The biggest highlight is its ability to switch between different timezone. It will display the time of that location which you choose. The clock includes a backlit display and alarm.
Price: 499 Rs
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travel clock

7. Wooden Mobile Stand :

This is a mobile stand but you can also keep your laptop on it.
Price: 349 Rs
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wooden mobile stand

8. Wooden Digital Alarm Clock:

This is perfect for your office desk. Its design with no buttons or plastic’s LED lights displays in a smooth wood surface.
Price: 499 Rs
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wooden alarm clock

9. Gadget Organizer:

If you like to travel with a lot of gadgets then the gadget organizer helps you a lot. The gadget organizer helps you to keep everything clean and separated.
Price: 499 Rs
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gadget organizer

10. Mini Tripod:

This gadget is for YouTubers. If your Budget Is low to Buy a big tripod then this gadget is for you. You can Attach your camera on it and record your video. This mini tripod adjustable with small digital cameras, GoPro cameras, and mobile devices.
Price: 320 Rs
Check out here

mini tripod


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