Today, we all use a messaging app to communicate with friends and family. The regular SMS text message is now passed. Whatsapp, Telegram and other messaging apps offer free text message.
we found some messaging app that you should use.
Here some messaging app popular in the world

Best messaging app popular in the world

1. WhatsApp:

Everyone knows about WhatsApp. It is one of the most popular messaging app in the world and it’s also free. It has a lot of features. You can chat and share photos, videos, documents, contacts, and location. You can make voice and video call on Whatsapp. More than 1 billion people use WhatsApp worldwide.

2. Hike:

Hike is a popular messaging app in India. It is similar to WhatsApp. You can chat on this app, also you can make voice and video call on the Hike. You can share things like photos, videos, documents, etc. One of the great Feature of Hike is stickers. You can send stickers to your contacts. Hike also has a timeline feature. You can post photos, videos and text on the timeline and your contacts can see this.

3. Viber:

Over 300 million users use this app. It has group chats, video messaging, video chats and more. You can send some interesting stickers on Viber. Most of the stickers are costly but you can use free stickers.

4. Telegram:

This is the most popular messaging app for privacy. It is an encrypted and secure messaging app. You can also chat band share photos, videos, documents. You can also make a voice call on this messaging app. Telegram has a feature called channel. You can create or join a channel. It also supports GIF, stickers. Telegram has 256-bit AES encryption and 2048-bit RSA encryption.

5. Facebook Messenger:

Facebook owns this messaging. This is also the most popular messaging app worldwide. You can send messages, photos, videos, GIFs to your friend. You can add net people on Facebook Messenger. Also, you can share stories on Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger has a feature called “Chat Heads”, it allows you to chat in the background.

6. Line:

Line is a very popular app in Asia. Line has more than 600 million users. Line has a timeline feature where your friend can comment on your posts. You can send stickers to your friend. Line stickers are famous in Asia. You can create a group and chat with friends.

7. Wechat:

Wechat is the most popular messaging app in China. It offers you some features like photos and video sharing and voice calls. Wechat owns by China. More than 1 billion people downloaded Wechat and 272 million people use Wechat monthly. You can share your live location. You can share moments on Wechat.

8. Discord:

This app is very useful for gamers. You can talk to your teammates with Discord. It’s completely free. You can create servers on discord. many people use it for voice chatting. You can also chat, group chat on Discord.

9. Skype:

Everyone knows about Skype. Skype is the most popular video calling app. You can also send messages. You can call on a real phone number with fees. This app supports the most type of documents. Many people use this app for business purpose.

10. Snapchat:

Snapchat is one o the most popular messaging app. You can chat, send a video message, do voice calls on this app. It’s different from other messaging apps. The most popular Snapchat feature is stories. You can share stories and it expires in 24hours.


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