Windows 10 brings a lot of features. These windows 10 tips and tricks help you enable some best features.

best windows 10 tips and tricks

1. Record using the Xbox app:

Windows 10 has a built-in feature that lets you record your game. You can’t record your full screen. You can only record one window. To use this feature, Start Xbox app, click Win + G to open game bar then select start recording or click win + Alt + R

2. Enable God Mode:

You can see the hidden control panel setting by enabling god mode. To enable it, create a new folder on your desktop, rename the folder GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
Now you can use the hidden features.

god mode

3. Create a new desktop:

You can add an unlimited number of multiple virtual desktops. To create a new desktop, Click Task View from the taskbar, click New Desktop. To switch another desktop click Task View then click the desktop you want to switch.

4. Snips and Sketch – screen capture tool:

You can capture your active windows or entire screen with this screen capture tool. To use it open Snips and Sketch, click new then select screen you want to capture and click save.

5. View wifi password:

You can view your wifi password. In order to view your wifi password on windows, you need to make sure you are already connected to the wifi network.
To view, Right-click the wifi icon from taskbar > Open Network & Internet settings > Change adapter options > double click on WIFI > Wireless properties > Security > Show password

6. Make your command prompt transparent:

If you use command prompt lot you can customize its look and make it transparent.
to transparent the command prompt, open command prompt > right-click the top border and select properties > Colors tab > adjust the opacity slider to get transparency effect.

7. Dark mode:

You can enable dark mode from the setting on your windows. To enable dark mode, go to setting > Personalization > Colors and select the option “choose your default app mode”

8. Dynamic lock:

This feature helps you automatically lock your pc when you are away with the help of your Bluetooth device. you will need to pair your Bluetooth device to your pc to enable this feature.
to enable it, go to Setting > Devices > Bluetooth and other devices then add your device. Then, go to Setting > Accounts > Sign in option and enable “Allow windows to detect when you’re away and automatically lock your device”.

9. Storage sense:

This feature helps you delete unnecessary files automatically to release storage on your device.
To enable it, go to Settings > System > Storage and turn on Storage Sense

10. Touchpad gestures:

If you use window 10 on your laptop You can use built-in touchpad gestures.
Some built-in touchpad gestures
Pinch to zoom: Use two fingers to zoom in and zoom out
Scroll page: Use two fingers sliding up and sliding down to scroll
Right-click: Double tab with two fingers
Switch between windows: Use three fingers and swipe left or right to switch between windows
Show open windows: use three fingers and swipe upwards
Show desktop: use three fingers and swipe downwards
Open Cortana: Tap once with three fingers
Open action center: Use four fingers and tap once

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