Type of Network

1. LAN (Local Area Network)
2.MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)
3. PAN (Personal Area Network)
4. WAN (Wide Area Network)
5. WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)
6. SAN (Storage Area Network)
7. EPN (Enterprise Private Network)
8. VPN (Virtual Private Network)
9. PON (Passive Optical Network)
10. CAN (Campus Area Network)

1. Local Area Network (LAN) :
All computer are in the same building and connected to each other is called LAN. A Group of a computer connected across a short distance. This is used in Small Offices, School, Houses. This is Use to connect computers for sharing data, play games with each other in the same building or the same offices.

2. Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) :
MAN is bigger than LAN. It is combined of two or more LAN. suppose two different offices with different LAN connection but when the offices connect to each other then it called Man basically, LAN is two or more LAN Connected.
It uses a wired or wireless connection to communicate with each other.

3. Personal Area Network (PAN) :
PAN used at home, small offices. This network is made up a connection of wireless devices, phones, modem, etc.

4. Wide Area Network (WAN) :
A Wan consists of multiple MAN. WAN connects devices across long distances. It allows computers, phone, and many gadgets to be remotely connected. Telephone Companies use this concept to connect their towers with another tower.
The Internet is an example of WAN.

5. Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) :
This network function like a LAN. This types of network Don’t require a wire connection or a cable to connect to the network.
WLAN is a wireless network technology. An example of WLAN is WIFI.

6. Storage Area Network (SAN) :
This type of network used to enhance the accessibility of storage devices. In this network, the devices not accessible through LAN by other devices. This type of Network specializes in file-sharing in other matters in storing various software within a group of computers.

7. Enterprise Private Network (EPN) :
This type of network used in business that went to securely connects its business locations to share business data

8. Virtual Private Network (VPN) :
VPN is a secure and encrypted tunnel between your device and the internet. When a device connects with the internet its ISP(Internet Service Provider) Can see which website the device visit on the internet but when the device connects with VPN, its IPS wouldn’t know which website the device visit.

9.Passive Optical Local Area Network (POLAN) :
In simple word, POLAN is called next-generation LAN. This Network uses fiber optics for connection. This is switch-based Ethernet LAN.

10. Campus Area Network (CAN) :
This type of network is larger than LAN but smaller than MAN. This type of network is seen in small offices, school. This network can be across many building that is close to each other for sharing data.

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